Colombo Quality Camp – Camp 2

Colombo Quality Camp – Camp 2

Colombo Quality Camp is back! In this time CQC is planning to do a session on Performance Testing. This session is about FEP (Front End Performance Testing). When it comes to the performance testing, most of the QA professionals think about doing back-end performance testing using a tool. But how many of us think about the Front End Performance testing. Let’s find out more on this.


The session will be done by Anushka Wickramaratne, Associate QA Architect in 99X Technology. Anushka has over 10+ years of industry experience in Software Quality Assurance. He has spoken at many conferences and many meetups.


Once again this is going to be a hands-on session, So you need to have a laptop to participate in the practicals. Also, there will be a limited number of seats. So hurry up and register yourself! The link is on the side.


December 5, 2017


5.15 P.M.


7th of December 2017


99XT Conference Hall ( Subway Building )

Registration Link