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All you need to know about QualityHolics

We are always happy to answer your questions. Say hello to us on Hello@qualityholics.com for any inquiries

What is QualityHolics?

aQualityHolics is a community portal for Sri Lankan Quality Assurance community. We are the first and only online resource provider for Sri Lankan Quality Assurance community.

What does QualityHolics do?

aRight now we offer 03 main features to the Sri Lankan Quality Assurance professionals.

  • Blogging Platform
  • Online Resource Portal
  • Meetup/ Session coverage
Who runs QualityHolics ?

aWe are a community driven initiative. Our content is populated by the community, Hence we need support from the QA community make this initiative a success.

If you want to know more about us, Get in touch by emailing us on Hello@Qualityholics.com

What is different between blogging platform offered by QualityHolics and other blogging platforms?

aWell, first of all, we don’t only provide a blogging platform for Quality Assurance community. It is just one part of different features offered by QualityHolics


You are no longer needed to maintain a blog separately, You don’t need to worry about the technical parts – We will take care of that. We will publish your articles/blogs on behalf of you by giving you the due credit.

Do you provide any incentive to writers?

aWell, Right now, no! But nonetheless all bloggers earn the esteem of being specialist in the community/ industry on the area they choose to blog about and not to mention, the benefits that can be reaped for self-branding when contributing on a portal such as QualityHolics.

How can I submit my company event ?

aThere are couple of ways you can do it.

  • Get in touch page
  • Drop a mail to Hello@Qualityholics.com
  • Directly message us on Facebook or Twitter


All we need is a description about the event, Date/time and a flyer ( If you have a one )

I don't have any writing experience, How can I contribute?

aDon’t worry! None of us are born with the ability to write good articles/blogs.

We have a special program to help to writers. Once you get an idea to blog about, you can sketch it and send it in to us, in MS Word format or online word processing format like Google Drive.


Then QualityHolics will provide the guidance and feedback to directly to you to improve your article. We will work with you collaboratively to fine tune your article.


You can send us your drafts to Hello@Qualityholics.com or message us on social media.