Colombo Quality Camp (CQC) Camp 01 – Session 01

Colombo Quality Camp (CQC) Camp 01 – Session 01

Colombo Quality Camp ( aka CQC ) kicked off their first camp on the 21st of September 2017. The camp organizers didn’t want to make it just another meetup, but wanted to introduce hands-on tech sessions to the QA community to give it a little bit more character. CQC focus was not only general QA activities but a broader scope of things that are important to the QA community at different level. Given the big ambitions, First camp had an interesting number of participants for the first ever camp which was a super success.

The first camp was about ‘UI Automation without single code using CodeSpecJS‘ which was conducted by Suren Rodrigo, Software Product Engineering Consultant at 99X Technology. CodeSPecJS is an automation tool developed by Suren and his development team, who are focused test automation.

According to Suren, “Most developers do not much consider care about assuring the quality of the product, which is not the right attitude, As a team everyone in the team including the development team should be responsible for the final quality of the product“. As a result of this, they have come up with a UI test automation framework, which they hope will help make lives of test automation engineers ( and of course, developers ) easy.

Suren conducted a hands on session with couple of live examples to explain the nitty-gritties of the framework. The audience actively engaged in with Suren and other automation engineers from 99X Technology whoe helped troubleshoot issues that they found.


Colombo Quality Camp – Suren explains about CodeSpec JS

Suren also gave a heads up of the extended second session of the first camp, which will take place during the following week. It was good to see the enthusiastic and content participants at the end of a very fruitful first session.


Participants of the Quality camp

Finally towards the end of the camp, there was a Kahoot session with regards to the learning of the session ( plus some ‘other’ questions 🙂 ). Everyone had a really good time with the Kahoot session and the winner was Darshana Anuradha from DirectFNwho walked away with a little gift.


Kahoot Winner – Darshana Anuradha


Keep an eye out on the CQC Facebook page for the Session#2 ( which will be on advance use of CodeSpecJS )





  • You can found the GitHub link for CodeSpecJS from here
  • Suren’s presentation can be found here

Udari is a Software Quality Assurance Engineer and she has 4 years of experience in the Quality Assurance track.

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