Author: Chamal Asela Perera


How many apps do you use after its initial download? or in other words, have you ever downloaded an app and delete it after few minutes/weeks. Yes, would be the answer from most of us.   Recent study conducted by the 34SP.com ( Full report in PDF ) found out that 20% of people regularly delete apps within just three months of downloading them, while 39% often delete apps because they’ve been ‘useless’.   Here are some...

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ISTQB® –  This might be the most widely used word in QA community, probably after ‘bug’ ( or ‘Automation’ ) 🙂   What is ISTQB?   ISTQB stands for International Software Testing Qualifications Board. They are offering a set of examinations to evaluate QA professionals across the world.   So basically, It’s like SCJP OCJP for Java Developers or MCTS for.NET developers.   Why people prefer to do ISTQB examination?   Apart from using the title after your name, there...

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